With over 100 years of experience, im体育APP is one of the leading providers of materials and product testing services to the 汽车 sector in the United States, UK, 亚洲, 和欧洲大陆. 


汽车 testing methods

Thorough testing helps to reduce service failures and ensure that your automotive and commercial vehicles are 兼容的 with regulations and ready for market.


We offer a full range of tests, covering: 


These tests are relevant throughout every stage of development, addressing:

  • 完整的系统
  • 单个组件
  • 完整的汽车




Our experts are experienced in conducting automotive tests across multiple system types, including:






We collaborate closely with numerous renowned 汽车 OEMs and their supply chain partners to help make certain that the products and materials we test for our customers are always 兼容的, 安全, 并且符合目的.  


Our standing in the automotive sector rests on our extensive experience, collective international proficiency, 快速的周转时间, and the overall 质量 of service we deliver.


im体育APP today to learn more about our 汽车 testing services.

“im体育APP has the technical expertise to ensure we conform to the ever-changing automotive industry customer requirements. The results of the data analysis have always been sufficient for our customers during the time of PPAP and annual validation. ”


Precision Stamping Company Inc


im体育APP has one of the most comprehensive ranges of materials and product qualification testing services for the transportation sector. 




Find out about im体育APP's automotive weathering testing services for materials and components, including a plethora of different tests, from UV light to xenon arc and carbon arc.


底盘 & 悬架

Find out how im体育APP helps its customers to build better products that utilize lighter materials, have improved long-term durability and offer improved handling.


Electronic Components 测试

Find out how im体育APP's comprehensive services can help you bring innovative electronic 系统 to market that will interact 安全ly and seamlessly with other electrical components and accessories.

汽车 Battery 测试

汽车 Battery 测试

im体育APP's comprehensive battery testing to UN 38.3, UL 2580, IEC 60095, ECE R100中, and more helps you bring 安全, 质量, and 兼容的 products to market.


引擎 & 动力系统

Find out about im体育APP's comprehensive range of testing services for engines and powertrain 系统 within 乘客 cars and commercial trucks. 



Find out how im体育APP tests fuel components for its customers to help make certain that they are durable, 有长寿, are reliable 并且符合目的.


Full Vehicle Durability

Find out how im体育APP uses real-time multiaxis or vertical four post road technologies to replicate in-service forces and motions and deliver repeatable results.


Fluid Cooling 系统s 测试

Find out more about how im体育APP provides automotive manufacturers with timely, 准确的, and reliable fluid cooling 系统 analysis that yields valuable performance information.

Climatics and 环境 测试

室内 & 外部阀内件

Find out more about im体育APP's automotive trim testing services for interior components and exterior trims for commercial, 乘客, rail and off-road vehicles. 



Find out how im体育APP tests passive and active 安全ty 系统 to help make certain that our customers provide 安全 乘客 environments in their vehicles.


Fire and Flammability 测试

Learn about im体育APP's complete range of flammability testing methods for aerospace and transportation, 纺织品, 消费品, and furniture materials.

运输  Photogrammetry


Find out about how im体育APP's 3D measurement services can provide a complete picture of component interaction without causing damage to your sample.

Noise Vibration and Harshness testing

What is Noise Vibration and Harshness 测试?

im体育APP experts use industry leading NVH testing methods, 硬件, and software to assist our customer in developing 安全, 质量, 兼容的, and enjoyable products to bring to the marketplace.



im体育APP’s unique electromagnetic sled has the highest level of accuracy, 可重复性, and efficiency when compared to any other sled system currently available on the market.

汽车 EMC 测试 640x480

汽车 EMC 测试

im体育APP’s automotive EMC testing services ensure the 安全ty and compatibility of your electric components, 系统 and sub-assemblies.


我们的团队超过9人,000 从事专家 in North America, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, 亚洲 and Africa are ready to help you.