As train travel becomes faster, lighter 和 more advanced, rail testing is critical to ensuring the safety of products, 和 developing new, high-tech materials. im体育APP’s dedicated rail laboratories provide testing 服务s for material selection 和 behavior, research 和 development, failure analysis 和 mechanical strength.

我们的 global rail testing laboratories are equipped with industry-leading technology, including customizable train simulation programs, high-capacity weld strength testing, abrasion 和 corrosion evaluation, 和 metallurgical inspection.

我们的 Jalan Boon Lay laboratory in Singapore also offer rail engineering audits for monitoring 和 measurement of the quality 和 maturity of railway procedures, customer related products 和 服务s. We provide independent analysis of compliance with regulations, work performance, potential risks 和 hazards. 

With decades of experience 和 deep knowledge of the field, our experts provide guidance 和 results you can trust while helping you complete your rail project on time.

For more information about our rail testing 服务s, or to request a quote, im体育APP 今天.

铁路测试 Services

Learn more about our rail testing 服务s.

铁路 Infrastructure 测试

铁路way infrastructure 服务s include analyzing your rail network infrastructure to ensure they meet the required st和ards 和 are fit-for-purpose.

rail inspection 服务s

Rolling Stock 检查

im体育APP's rolling stock rail inspection 服务s focus on the condition of in-服务 vehicles incorporating a component, 系统, or entire train to deliver an independent view of its relative condition against expectation.


铁路 Component 测试

im体育APP provides quick 和 efficient rail component testing to manufacturers 和 operators to ensure that products are safe 和 adhere to international rail st和ards.

Bending Fatigue 测试

铁路 Bending Stress 测试

From determining weld strength  to characterizing brittle fractures, our bending stress methods help rail industry manufacturers 和 inspectors choose the best materials for the job.

Fastener 测试

铁路 Fastener 测试

From concrete rail ties to complex fasteners, we provide longitudinal restraint testing, repeated load testing, 和 other strength for rail products.

铁路 Compression 和 Fatigue

铁路 Compression 和 Fatigue

我们的 unique rail fatigue program uses highly customizable equipment to create test plans based on AREMA Chapter 30 requirements.

Train Seat Fire 测试

铁路 Fire 测试

Find out how Warringtonfire helps its 铁路 customers to develop a holistic view of rail fire testing st和ards.


校准 Services

im体育APP is the single point of contact for all your instrument calibration, 服务, 和 administration needs.  我们的 laboratories perform ISO/IEC 17025 accredited or traceable calibration at the right quality level according to your requirements. 

环境 Chamber 测试

产品 Qualification 测试 Services

Find out how im体育APP provides critical compliance, reliability 和 qualification testing to clients in 航空航天, 运输, 能源 和 more.

Vibration testing

Vibration 测试

im体育APP has extensive experience in vibration testing 服务s 和 our vibration laboratories feature electro-dynamic 和 servo-hydraulic 系统s that can replicate low 和 high frequency conditions. 

环境 Compliance 测试

环境 Compliance & 安全

im体育APP’s industry-leading environmental compliance 和 safety 服务s help our customers to demonstrate the highest possible st和ards of environmental compliance 和 socially responsible performance.


EMC 测试 Services

Find out about im体育APP's comprehensive range of EMC 服务 和 testing capabilities in the USA, UK, 和德国.


我们的 team of over 9,000 从事专家 in North America, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, Asia 和 Africa are ready to help you.